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Custom Embroidered Patches


Wear your business on your sleeve, pocket or cap. Always promote your business. Everyday have your personalized logo with you. Giving leading edge with your corporate image. Custom embroidered patches are also great promotional items. They are inexpensive and allow you to show your logo.
We can take your artwork in the form of JPG, CDR files, and transform them into nice digital art samples. Our artwork staff is here to assist you (FOR FREE). Once artwork approved. Production starts

How cost determined?

· Quantity
· Size
· Backing process
· Percent embroidered  
When you just have quantity and size information. Percent embroidered will be suggested when we see your artwork.

Size: size measured by adding the length and the width and dividing by two. Such as 2”X3”. The patch size would be 2.5”.(2+3=5 and 5/2=2.5).

Backing process:Iron-on, Plastic, Adhesive, Velcro

Percent embroidered: 50%, 75%, 100% 

          50% embroidered        75% embroidered        100% embroidered

P.S. Our prices included 9 thread colors. For Gold and Silver threads. Prices will be added 20%.